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New Zealand is an exhilarating mix of natural wonders and urban adventures. From rafting down rapids, to relaxing in natural hot springs, you’ll never run out of thrills and breathtaking wilderness to enjoy on your working holiday!


6 – 24 Months


18 – 35




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The Work Opportunity

Enjoy working with your mates whilst learning new skills in the warehousing industry?

Young Guns Container Crew is currently recruiting people that are willing to chase their #bestversion. We are searching for applicants that want consistent, ongoing work, have their own transport, and are keen to do some physical work within a team environment.


The role involves unloading shipping containers containing various product types and weights and also includes sorting, labeling, and wrapping pallets.

The more productive you work as a team, the more you get paid!


Our values and purpose are at our core. We are more than a company that unpacks and packs containers. We are a community looking to uncover our team’s and customers’ best version.

We value diversity and offer a culture to thrive both personally and professionally. Providing a challenging, dynamic work environment and opportunities to grow. Better never stops. At Young Guns, we look to upskill in all areas including tickets, leadership, and skills training.

Finding stability, security, and a family with Young Guns

Leaderships skills and achieving personal goals

The Opportunity To Travel With Young Guns

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Frequently Asked Questions

What visa do I need to work in New Zealand?
There are multiple visas you can apply for to work in New Zealand. We’ve put together some information on visas that might be relevant to you.

Working Holiday Visa

Working holiday visas are available to young people, usually aged 18 to 30, but 18 to 35 in a select few countries. They let you travel and work in New Zealand for up to 12 months, or 23 months if you are from the UK or Canada. You cannot accept a permanent job offer while on a New Zealand working holiday visa.

Click here for more information.

Partner of a Student Visa

This visa allows partners (A person you are legally married to, or in a civil union or de facto relationship with, and who you live with in a genuine and stable partnership) of someone on a New Zealand Study Visa to work in New Zealand. There are no restrictions on work, and you can stay for the same length of your partner’s study.

Click here for more information.


Partner of a Worker Work Visa

This visa will allow you to work in New Zealand while your partner’s here on a work visa. There’s no restrictions on working hours. This visa lasts as long as your partner is in work.

Click here for more information.


Australian Resident Visa

Australian citizens and permanent residents can visit, work and live in New Zealand. You do not need a visa before you travel to New Zealand. If you leave New Zealand, your resident visa will expire.

Click here for more information.

Do I need travel Insurance to enter New Zealand?

When entering New Zealand on a visa you may need to hold travel insurance as a condition of your visa.
For more information visit New Zealand Immigration to see if this applies to you.

Where are you located in New Zealand?

Young Guns Container Crew is currently located in Auckland.

What is the recruitment process?

Before you arrive, you can apply here

Once we receive your application one of our Squad Managers will contact you and arrange a phone/zoom meeting.  

Once you arrive you will attend a registration session, where you will supply documentation and we will get you set up for your first day with Young Guns.  

You will then be allocated the date and time of your first shift and be given any important information you need to know prior to your first day on the job.

During your first day you will be welcomed to the team and meet the crew, complete any onsite inductions or training, and jump into a container and do some hands-on work.

How do I find accommodation in New Zealand?
If you’re opting into subsidised housing, we will provide you with the details of your new home prior to arriving in New Zealand.

If you are looking for accommodation, here are some helpful resources:

NZ Flatmates

Roomies NZ

How do I get around the city I am in?

When travelling around Auckland you can plan your journey Here

What happens if I want to cancel my trip?

Nothing. All you need to do is let us know that your plans have changed.

How long does it take to settle in?

This depends on the individual. However, we try to make your transition as smooth as possible by supporting you as you settle into your new location.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

Most travellers must meet COVID-19 vaccination requirements before travelling to New Zealand by air.

You need to provide proof of vaccination to enter New Zealand if you are:

  • Not a New Zealand citizen or resident
  • Not an Australian citizen living in New Zealand
  • Foreign air crew arriving in New Zealand

You can find more information Here